For decades, ILH is market leader in trading all kinds of geoscientific maps from all over the world esteemed by the customers for the staff’s expert knowledge of international procurement and sales.

Questions to be answered


  • Where can I find the official topographic maps of Sri Lanka? 
  • Is there a city plan of Mostaganem in Algeria?
  • Who could give me information on vegetation maps of Burkina Faso?
  • Is a National Atlas of Peru available on the market? 
  • How is the administrative structure of Armenia? 
  • Who could deliver or procure the official topographic maps of Madagascar 1:50,000? 
  • How many sheets of the hydrogeological map series of Spain 1:200,000 are scheduled for publication?
  • Which of them have been published and are available now? 
  • Do you know maps on energy supply? 
  • Do you happen to know a railway atlas of Ukraine?


These are the questions and demands which we deal with in our everyday work. They mostly lead to orders for the delivery and procurement of the desired material, and we carry them out with competence. To ensure this, we use a complex network of 4000 suppliers, publishing houses and official surveys in the countries of interest. Where possible, we benefit from reliable local individual contacts so that we can also make procurements outside the network.

Moreover, we sell digital cartographic products on CD, DVD or other digital media. We have permanently about 80,000 maps available on stock covering all fields of geosciences. We communicate continously with many well-known private cartographic publishing houses in Germany and abroad, and procure on demand also touristical publications, e.g. city plans, road atlases, road maps, leisure maps and maps for hiking and biking.

The variety of worldwide geoscientific cartography from a single-source: ILH.