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GeoKatalog2 / Geoscience

Geo Katalog 2

... is the world's most comprehensive geoscientific map catalogue.

For reliable, up-to-date information on available maps from all over the world, GeoKatalog 2 is indispensable,
for geoscientific institutions, universities, libraries, map shops, engineers, government offices and industry.
The catalogue was started in 1975 by Siegfried Bischoff ( 2006) and Fred Grupp.
They continually developed and improved the catalogue until it achieved its present functional form. Since 1993, GeoKatalog 2 is published in English. Geographer Mr. Winfried Maigler has taken the editing responsibility of GeoKatalog 2 in 2006 on.

    How to order GeoKatalog2 Geosciences, loose-leave edition
  • The complete 3-volume basic catalogue sells at 255,-- €.
  • Annual update service is available at 93,-- €.
  • Standing order customers are welcome to order GeoKartenbrief .pdf file in reduced version without sheet indexes.
  • It comprises two annual instalments, each containing about 120 revised catalogue pages and the latest GeoKartenbrief (acquisitions of the past half year).
    To order Geokatalog2 click here

    The catalogue's characterisitics

    1. Catalogue standards are ensured
  • A special geographical and thematic classification is applied.
  • All titles are given in their original spelling, non-Latin scripts are transcribed.
  • Author or editor, place and date of publication, and serial titles always are given.

    2. Easy-to-use and practical:
  • All the wealth of geoscientific mapping is condensed to 1750 pages.
  • The catalogue is divided into three volumes
    (Earth & Europe; Asia, Australia & Africa; Americas, Polar Regions, Oceans and Space).
  • The geographical and thematic classification, both apply a "speaking" system, i.e. related terms have adjoining numbers.
  • Easy access is ensured by a comprehensive index, both numerical and by subjects, including notes for use, a list of acronyms, and a glossary.
  • The index and introduction section is bilingual, English and German.
  • Each item is characterized by a short/extensive bibliographical description, correlated to the publication's importance.
  • Complicated facts are focussed and clarified.
  • Numerous cross-references facilitate orientation.

    3. Sheet diagrams:
  • All important map series have sheet diagrams showing distribution of sheets, with numbers and/or names. The state of available sheets is given by red colour or (since 2000) by raster.
  • We often even produce our own sheet diagram where none, or none satisfactory, is to be had from the publisher.

    4. Always up-to-date:
  • Twice per year an update package is published. Each package contains c. 60 sheets of revised catalogue sections. Revisions are handled in a pragmatic rather than chronological manner, giving priority to the more outdated sections.
  • The package is complemented by the catalogue's supplement service, GeoKartenbrief, which has seen 355 issues to date. GeoKartenbrief (German for: map newsletter) lists a half year's new publications from all the catalogue's areas. So GeoKartenbrief ensures your option of updating the catalogue, partially or completely.
  • For even more topicality we publish a Monthly Selection containing the Top Ten or so of our new acquisitions.

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